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Summary of the PIN UP Partners affiliate program

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    So, the Pin Up affiliate program –-- This is an unique project that permits casino companions to generate income by bring in consumers for gambling or sporting activities wagering. The project has already proven itself among specialists in its area and received acknowledgment at the Kinza 360 global conference in 2021.
    In this short article we will experience the attributes and capabilities of this platform and, maybe, start with the advantages.

    Benefits of the Pin-Up associate program

    Pin Up Partners was founded relatively just recently, in 2016. Since then, the project has been developing rapidly from year to year. Currently, the business is efficiently developing in the CIS, Ukraine, South America and Asia. The affiliate program is created to collaborate with webmasters and can provide its very own distinct remedies, which are called Pin-Up Online casino and Pin-Up Bet. What advantages does the platform give?

    • International insurance coverage and localization in countries such as Ukraine, Canada, Kazakhstan, Chile, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Turkey, India, Peru, Colombia, Brazil;
    • Excellent market conversion from traffic to dollars according to companion evaluations;
    • A considerable statistics system, that includes analysis of associates, comprehensive collection and display screen of individual pc gaming task, economic transactions, and so on);
    • Easy and fast account enrollment via phone number or e-mail address;
    • Access to personal support through telephony, chats and email, covering to a lots nations;
    • Distinct platform options completely access;
    • Promoted brand and principle to attract gamers of various sexes and ages;
    • Schedule of several relevant gaming licenses from federal government regulatory authorities in Ukraine and Kazakhstan;
    • Cooperation with experienced account managers with a strong base and decent certifications, who are frequently learning and successfully deal with traffic and leads;
    • Full-fledged complimentary programs for mobile platforms;
    • Early payments;
    • Own KPIs for better website traffic;
    • RevShare formula without hidden costs;
    • Tariff/rate is linked to registration;
    • First deposit at the minimal price;
    • Special perk program for bettors;
    • 4000 slots and 50 thousand showing off events;
    • Top commitment program for webmasters.

    by link https://pinupaffiliate.com/ website

    The Pin Up associate is constantly improving to satisfy its high rating among partners. The product has actually verified itself well versus rivals or similar projects.

    Pin Up Companions as a matter of fact and figures

    Allow's take a more detailed consider the advantages and advantages of collaboration with the Pin Up associate program. Based on realities and numbers, we will certainly present you to certain system signs.


    Summary of the PIN UP Partners affiliate program

    Currently, offers have actually been successfully local into 9 languages:

    • English;
    • Ukrainian;
    • Russian;
    • Spanish;
    • Portuguese;
    • Kazakh;
    • Turkish;
    • Azerbaijani;
    • Hindi.

    Affiliate offers are adapted to the regional market. Pre-landing pages and advertising campaigns are always checked by native audio speakers prior to launch. Regarding South America, with great variability and peculiarity of dialects of Spanish and Portuguese, regional standards are observed. An option of on-line video gaming software application and the appeal of sports events are additionally taken into consideration for every country.

    How much will one lead bring according to certified public accountant

    Certified public accountant toll –-- This is the business's primary offer when working with companions (webmasters-arbitrators). Deals are set with your personal supervisor, and their dimensions vary from 20 to 80 dollars per down payment.
    Ordinary prices in United States dollars in PIN AP Allies by nation:

    CPA affiliate programs determine the dimension of the offer to buy traffic individually after a test upload and estimation of its payback.

    How much will certainly a lead bring you on RevShare

    It deserves stating that RevShare in this program is the very best amongst the readily available offerings. PIN-UP Partners has no surprise commission and, for the convenience of its companions, brings the worths to single average figures. The platform has never altered the revshare sign or violated its commitments. The platform has thousands of regular individuals who utilize it to continually make money. The data source is not upsold and the webmaster can make any calculations himself through the detailing tools on his account in data.

    Computing Revshar's profits is simple, given that PIN AP Allies has a formula without incomprehensible cuts and reductions:

    Offshore (other than RU)
    Your revenues = (((SUMbet- SUMprize) - 10%*) - 10%) x Rs
    Offshore (RU)
    Your revenues = (((SUMbet- SUMprize) - 15%*) - 15%) x Rs
    Let's analyze these meanings:

    • SUMbet —-- bet amount;
    • SUMprize —-- player's jackpots;
    • %* —-- percent to the company on the difference in between the deposit and payouts;
    • % —-- percentage of the repayment system from the amount of down payments;
    • Rs —-- RevShare portion (40%)

    So what is RevShare in the context of RevShare vs CPA? For understanding, we can provide the following example. A gamer, claim, from Ukraine made 10 down payments in one month of $100 each. Hence, the overall quantity of wagers —-- $1000, while he was able to win $250. Allow's determine how much you earn per gamer this month:

    • $750 —-- gambling establishment incomes;
    • ($1000-$250)* 0.10 = $75 —-- commission to the software application supplier;
    • $1000 * 0.10 = $100 —-- payment to the payment system;
    • ($750 - $75 - $100)* 0.40 = $230 —-- your earnings.

    Definitely all estimations occur according to this formula and have no hidden charges or deductions.

    In any case, your individual supervisor will certainly always assist if you have any kind of concerns. The PIN UP affiliate program has been running according to this law for several years and hundreds of web designers have taken care of to gain good cash. It is essential to comprehend where and exactly how to obtain clients and produce web traffic.

    LTV in PIN-UP

    PIN-UP software program demonstrates great results in regards to individual LTV, so the Pin Up associate program provides its individuals with reliable approaches for producing converting creatives. This increases the LTV of the created website traffic.

    Advertising and marketing is accomplished thanks to data, tools and logical data based upon our very own advancements. They enable you to personalize your promo and advertising campaign as properly as possible for the attracted target market.

    The system has excellent retention in all localizations. Retention of the gamer base is affected by trigger letters, sending SMS messages, developing and targeting perk deals, holding tournaments and different promotions.

    All marketing projects from the partner item group are tailored to the GEO where we have a representative office. PIN-UP does not enable itself to introduce universal promotions for all nations. It is needed to take into account the functions and subtleties of local video gaming activity. In turn, appropriate content is regularly released on socials media, and amazing competitions and promos are produced. All this in addition brings in new individuals, strengthens retention and establishes loyalty to the product.

    For money players and active players there is a VIP solution and a separate assistance line. An exclusive release of a new port, a tailored incentive, a personal manager available 24/7 and various other attributes will be particularly advertised to ensure that the gamer does not be sorry for spending more.

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