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  • 发布时间:2017-05-22
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    NVJ  series heat exchange unit is a set of heat exchange ,thermal control system,thermal regulation and  heat  metering  system  for integrated  intelligent  energy  efficient products,is composed of a heat  exchang-er,water pump,frequency  converter ,filers,valves,electric  control cabinet ,instrument control  system and auxiliary equipment ,etc.,in order to achieve  the overall heat transfer device the exchange of heat between fluids.

    Design  standard  and  modularization ,based on  user  situation ,combined with the production experience and technology of  our company ,flexible selection content ,reducing investment ,complete heat exchange device tailored to the user,the most suitable for the optimal performance of the .

    NVJ  series heat exchange unit complete factory,as long as the user site connected  with four to five root pipeline,will power access  the electric control box can debug  operation,greatly reducing the user on –site workload and costs,shorten  the duration of the user.

    NVJ  series heat exchange unit has the advantages of compact structure,according to the site condition of high performance heat exchanger made by our company or shell and tube heat exchanger ,pump ,valves with well-known brands of domestic or imported brands,through the pipeline flange fittings such  as links ,and optimized through rational design and layout ,compact structure of the complete change assembly  hot products,greatly reduces the occupation area of the equipment and infrastructure  costs.

    NVJ series heat exchange unit control system consists of sensor,controller,central controller module,execution mechanism and communication system composition,by analyzing the temperature,and the pressure date monitoring control,on the implementation of structural control,to achieve a high degree of automation feedback chain protection,to achieve unattended automatic safety operation,at the same time a remote communication interface. Realization of remote monitoring function。

    NVJ series heat exchange units use has the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance,control and regulate the imported or domestic well-known brand products,reliable operation ,good performance,high degree of automation,humanized operation interface,simply training,can master the heat exchange unit operation.

    NVJ heat exchange unit is a series of products,different choice according to the requirement of the user, suitable for steam water heat exchanger, a water water heat conditions, thermal power plant heat exchange equipment,centralized heating boiler heating and industrial production in the region.Can be widely used in residential quarters, office buildings, shopping malls hotels and enterprises and institutions such as heating,air conditioning system in winter heating, domestic hot water supply,industrial closed circulating water cooling and other special conditions,provide to meet the requirement of production technology and warm and comfortable living and working environment.

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