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NOVA group
About Us

NOVA group has a long history,outstanding quality,is one of the word,s large fluid equipment and energy saving equip-ment supply business ,the wide range of services to the building and industrial markets in Europe,North America,and the Asia Pacific region has offices and parhners.

NOVA group,renowned in the industry,persevere in energy saving technology efforts ,account not only saves the oper-ating cost of equipment,more to reduce energy consump-tion,consump-tion,reduce emissions,protect the earth’s environment as our social responsibility!

The NOVA group was established in 2011 in Hongkong,the headquarters of the Asia Pacific market,the company is committed to a more comprehensive extension services market in the Asia Pacific market,Chinese unremitting efforts!

NOVA group in 2012 in China Nantong investors to set up manufacturing base:nova machinery(Nantong)Co.ltd.. can realize parts manufacturing,testing,assembling,for users to save investment and delivery time. Products are: all kinds of heat exchange equipment,integration to,drainage equipment etc…NOVA group look forward to your cooperation and join the first-class service,together with Chinese enterprises,Chinese manufacturing enterprises,Chinese manufacturing enterprises to boost the vigorous development.